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AAP Issues Recommendations for 2012 to 2013 Influenza Season
Medical Articles | 2012-10-06
The 2012 to 2013 influenza vaccine contains different A and B strains than those of previous years, but many of the control and prevention recommendations of the...
Bullying in Childhood Linked to Later Psychosis
Medical Articles | 2014-01-08
Bullying during childhood, whether as a victim or a perpetrator, may increase the risk of developing psychotic experiences in early adulthood, new research suggests. A community-based study of more than 4700 participants from the United Kingdom showed that...
Parents' Attitude Linked to Kids' Chronic Pain
Medical Articles | 2014-01-08
Adolescents whose parents suffer from chronic pain may be more likely to develop ongoing pain too - especially if the parent tends to catastrophize pain, according to new research. "Children are careful observers of everything that we do...
Kids' Coughs, Colds May Last Weeks but Don't Need Drugs
Medical Articles | 2014-01-08
Children's coughs and colds can last up to two or three weeks and earaches may take a week to get better, according to a new review of past studies. Researchers said they hope the findings help reassure both doctors and parents that respiratory symptoms can last "longer than previously appreciated" but typically don't require treatment...
Gum Chewing in Kids Under-Recognized Cause of Headaches
Medical Articles | 2014-01-25
Treating some headaches in children may be a simple matter of getting them to quit chewing gum. A new study suggests that excessive gum chewing may be an important but under-recognized trigger for headaches in older children....